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The TRG Team

At TRG (Technology Recycle Group) we are keen gadget enthusiasts inside and outside of work. Our team of skilled 'gadgeteers' have a wealth of experience in the ever changing technology industry. 

Meet the TRG Team

Sam Hargreaves TRG James Shakespeare Alistair Milne
Sam Hargreaves
Managing Director
James Shakespeare
Strategic Advisor
Alistair Milne
Strategic Advisor

Tasha TRG 
Andy TRG

Guy Tucker

Tasha Sinsbury
Head of Customer Service
Andrew Smith
Head of Sales
Guy Tucker
Technical Director
Megan TRG
Priscilla TRG
Chelsea TRG
Megan Langley
Account Manager
Priscilla McDonagh
Account Manager
Chelsea Pullinger
Account Manager
Technology Recycle Group
The Technology Recycle Group Team