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Cash For Your Broken Screens!

Sell your broken iPhone and Samsung LCD's for cash with TRG. We offer cash payment the same day that we receive and test your broken LCD's. We offer FREE COLLECTION of your screens no matter what the quantity. 

Sell your broken LCD's here

Sell broken LCD's

Buyback broken LCD Service,
highest prices for your iPhone & Samsung LCD's!

Technology Recycle Group offers a professional solution for the intake of broken iPhone and Samsung LCD's at very preferable reimbursements. We guarantee a transparent service  and a prompt check with quick payment within 3 days.

Your LCD's must meet the following conditions:
- Quality acceptance for iPhone & SAMSUNG: OEM (A,B,C-quality) or non-OEM LCD's (refurbished only).
- The display must be fully functional, only the glass is broken or damaged.
- Damages or disturbances like: bad back-light, dead pixels, grey area, white lines and discoloration, screen burns, water damage or edge pressure damage do not qualify for Quality A.
- Payment is by bank transfer (after receiving your invoice), we do not pay in cash.

We guarantee to pay more than anyone else, so get in touch to find out how much your broken screens are worth.

Call 01494 442265 or Sell your broken LCD's here