What, Why and How?

Why 3rd Party Sales

At TRG we have a number of already established exit-routes that we can sell stock to. By allowing us to sell your stock on your behalf, we can speed up the turnaround time of your products.

Our Experience

Establishing new exit-routes can be a lengthy process which is why we have spent so much time creating a vast network to sell stock to.

How difficult is it to implement?

We already have these existing exit-routes. It can be as simple as you providing us stock to sell. Alternatively we can make offers on your stock we hold for other processes and a decision can be made on a case to case basis.

Planning and Implementation


Scope and Planning

After initial contact, our business development team will set up an initial meeting with you for introductions and to discuss how we can aid your business. After this meeting, the business development team will produce an initial proposal which takes into account commercials, operational processes and technical implementation required. This will usually be sent over within the same week. Follow up meetings will be arranged until both sides are happy with the proposal.


Design and Develop

Development on this is dependant on other services that are currently live. We can build an access portal to view and make decisions on stock to provide visibility and allow the partner to make operational decisions on individual devices if necessary.


Implementation and Testing

We will run a sample of a few devices selected by the partner to begin with to evaluate stock levels and possible exit routes. Provided these sell well and the partner is happy with the rates and profits.


Launch and Support

Provided all tests have been passed and the partner is happy with the process we will launch the finished service. We provide technical and partner support for all services throughout their lifetime.

Our Services

Trade-in Solutions

Increase conversions and sales by enabling your customers to sell you their old devices to you.

Grading as a Service

Say goodbye to handling physical stock as we can house and grade stock for you and help you reduce your physical footprint.

Device Processing

Scale your business by having us efficiently fully test your stock with quick turnaround times and live reporting.

3rd Party Sales

Gain access to our many exit channels by allowing us to sell your stock. We handle packing and dispatch.

Insurance Exchange

Expand your reach for Insurance programs. We can ship and collect devices through Europe in one trip.

Returns Management

Remove the hassle of dealing with returns. We provide B2C customer service and process devices with live reporting.

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